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Article: Opportunities for sustainable upswing


Opportunities for sustainable upswing

The year 2020, which feels as if it had actually still not ended, although we are now in February 2021, was certainly one of a kind. We were shown that our existence on this earth is a more fragile than the majority of us had probably assumed. A multitude of restrictions in daily life, tragic fates and sometimes very gloomy prospects in many sectors dominated everyday life and events in the media. Hardly anyone expected such a year. We had great plans, great expectations and looked forward to 2020 with great joy. We were probably not the only ones… Every now and then it is important not to lose sight of the positive in such moments, even if it can sometimes be difficult. So, since there are really enough negative headlines at the moment, we will use this blog post to make us aware of the positive things we can take away from this year. Our personal experiences as a sustainable fashion company will also play a role, as it is essential for us to constantly evolve. We are continuously learning. We are using more and more recycled materials in our shoes and we are always looking for innovations to combine the old and the new. Now we have been shown that we humans have limits and that many things are not self-evident from what we have always taken for granted. Neither our freedom nor our health can be taken for granted. This year we have learned to appreciate things a little more again. Friends, family, social contacts, income and even expenses. You could almost say the world may have become a little more aware again. We certainly are. Sustainable things have gained in value. The growing value of sustainable products and more sustainable lifestyles is increasingly evident. A little less throwaway culture, away from the short squeeze, towards a little more prudence and regionality. Quality may cost something, and it must. It’s not about opulence, but about showing generosity in the right places. It was time to reflect on what one’s own well-being, one’s own health, but also that of society is worth and how important it is. Because as you can see, so many things are connected, whether you want them to be or not. We live in a shared ecosystem and things have an impact on each other. It’s important that others are doing well too, not just yourself. Giving something makes you just as happy, if not happier, than taking something. Give it a try. Mindfulness is important, even when choosing the products you surround yourself with. The fashion industry is certainly no angel. On the contrary, it is responsible for a considerable amount of pollution in this world. The “cheaper cheaper cheaper” mentality brings the majority of the producing fashion brands to produce in places where the environment, health and dignity are ignored. All this triggered by the daily price war in stores and online. For us, it has been confirmed that we do not want to be responsible for this path and will remain true to our sustainable sneaker production in Portugal. With the only difference that we have learned to appreciate them even more in this crazy year. Handmade, responsibly produced shoes with a sustainable concept, instead of mass production. That’s what we stand for. More than ever...

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