No bulky logos, but quality in every detail.

With every sneaker we sell, we remove plastic from the ocean.

What customers say about our sustainable sneakers
What customers say about our sustainable sneakers
I am satisfied all around! The shoes are beautiful, comfortable and fairly produced. That is now very important to me. I can recommend the shoe with a clear conscience!
— Thomas 42, Hamburg

Our shoes are designed in Berlin and then handmade in a manufactory north of the city of Porto. Here we combine innovative materials with the traditional art of shoemaking.


What's behind Kulson?

We ship reliably, Europe-wide and within Germany within 1-3 days completely free of charge, by DHL directly to your home.

If something does not fit, then we provide the same way for the return shipping.

We represent the opinion that the most sensible way to counteract the production overkill of the fashion industry and its environmental impact is to make products durable, to design them timeless, to use recycled materials and to work with short transport routes.

That's why we focus on exactly these things, and in addition to our recycled footbeds, we use REACH certified leather from Italy, which we buy up from factories where it is a byproduct.

Despite this, we are constantly researching new, innovative materials that ensure comparable product longevity without being interwoven with plastic like most leather alternatives in order to apply these properties