Galileo builds a sneaker: Kulson is producing a limited edition Galileo shoe together with the TV show.

In a world that is becoming increasingly conscious of its environment, sustainable companies are becoming increasingly important. The Berlin shoe brand Kulson is one of them.

What sets Kulson apart is its commitment to sustainable materials, handcrafted quality and most importantly: plastic-free oceans. The German Prosieben television show "Galileo" traveled with us to Portugal to our production facility to create a unique "Galileo" sneaker.

We, Kulson, are a German-born brand with deep roots in sustainability. Our vision goes far beyond making sneakers; it's about making shoes that reflect their commitment to a cleaner planet. With a focus on using eco-friendly materials and sustainable production methods, Kulson is a pioneer in ethical fashion. Also because we haven't just been doing this since yesterday.


What makes Kulson's story even more exciting for now is the sneaker collaboration with the popular German television show "Galileo". Known for his in-depth reporting on fascinating subjects, Galileo decided to accompany Kulson's journey to Portugal. The goal? Showcasing the meticulous process of creating sustainable sneakers and everything that goes into them. Of course, it sometimes becomes less appetizing, but we don't want to tell you too much.

The film crew documented every step of the production process, demonstrating the precision required to bring Kulson's vision to life. From the selection of sustainable materials to the cutting and stitching to the finishing touches, the journey is a testament to the art of shoemaking.

As part of this extraordinary collaboration, "Galileo" and Kulson have designed a unique sneaker. This limited-edition "Galileo" sneaker not only embodies Kulson's commitment to sustainability, but also carries a hint of the television series' flair. The Galileo sneaker is a replica of our original Kulson One sneaker in which the Galileo logo is emblazoned on the back of the heel instead of the Kulson slogan. By the way, this sneaker designed specifically for Galileo with the Galileo inscription is not for sale, but our original Kulson One model with the usual Kulson slogan on the heel is.

With elements inspired by the series' adventurous spirit and the scenic beauty of Portugal, the 'Galileo' sneaker is a symbol of the creativity and innovation that can arise when like-minded people come together. Together with Galileo we want to show that producing environmentally friendly and stylish shoes is not just a dream, but a tangible reality.

The journey accompanied by Galileo was incredibly exciting and it is always fascinating, even for us, to see how much work and attention to detail actually goes into making shoes in the end. Galileo takes you on a journey to the places of origin of the various materials and impressively shows what is necessary to produce the things in our wardrobe that we take for granted.

This television production together with Prosieben is something very special for us at Kulson, because like many of you, we at Kulson grew up with Galileo and are big fans of the series.

Kulson sneakers are proof that fashion can be both stylish and environmentally conscious, and our journey together with Galileo from Germany to Portugal serves as inspiration for anyone who wants to have a positive impact on the world.

The television show will appear on July 27th, 2024 at 7:05 p.m. on “Galileo” on Prosieben and online. We'd be happy if you tune in.



September 25, 2023 — Benjamin Hoffmann