sneaker fleckenradierer

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🤝 Durable Handwork
💧 For plastic-free oceans.
👍 Recycled rubber sole
❤️ Unisex
👁 REACH-certified Leather
🌳 Removable memory footbed


2 Cleaneroo Stain Eraser

Simply moisten with pure water and clean the soiled areas on the upper and sole.

No cleaning agent is necessary.

Stain erasers are consumable items and are ideal for use in other areas besides our shoes, such as walls, etc.

Made in Germany and not sent half way around the world. 

2 pieces

(For shipping reasons, the stain erasers are only available in combination with another product).

The right shoe size:

Our sneakers are slightly smaller. If you sometimes fluctuate between two sizes, so please choose the larger of the two with us.


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What customers SAY ABOUT KULSON:
What customers SAY ABOUT KULSON:
I did not think it was possible to be addressed so often on a pure white and actually so discreet sneaker. I was probably wrong...
— Lea, 26, Berlin
What customers SAY ABOUT KULSON:
I learned a lot about the background of the company and the production of the shoe and just that lifts the shoe for me on another level.
— Ella, 37, Kapstadt
What customers SAY ABOUT KULSON:
In any case, a real eye-catcher, but in chic and still sustainable and very high quality workmanship. High praise from my side.
— Felix, 32, Berlin